Tennis Injuries

As a sport, Tennis requires fast movement around the court. In involves rapid body rotation. To topspin or back spin, the forearm needs to be in rotation throughout the game. These complex and fast movements can often result in injury that can seriously impact your ability to play.

Sheffield Physiotherapy can diagnose your injury, provide sports massage, electrotherapy and acupuncture. We can give you direction on exercises to do at home along with information on how to improve your training regime and prevent further injuries. We can also provide information on correct footwear.


Tennis Injuries


Tennis Elbow


Tennis Elbow presents with pain outside the elbow. You will particularly feel it when gripping the racket, hitting the ball, or back handing. The pain is fairly localised and there may be a tender spot on pressure. This is not a condition of normal tissues that have become inflamed. With tennis elbow, abnormal tissues have become over strained.


Tennis Shoulder Injuries


Serving and volleying is particularly stressful to the complex shoulder joint. The shoulder requires a large range of movement and yet it needs to be very stable. When either the shoulders stability or mobility is compromised, pain often results. The pain manifests in what is known as a painful arc. This means that if you take your arm directly from your side up and over your head there is a pain when the arm is around 80 – 120 degree angle from the side of the body.


How Can Physiotherapy Help?


The physiotherapist can help restore the stability and mobility of the joint. We use stretching and strengthening techniques to achieve this. We can help you progressively rehabilitate yourself back into the game.


How Can I Prevent Tennis Injury?


  • Over exertion is a common cause of injury in tennis. It is important to rest and recover fully in-between games. 
  • Previous injuries can create further injuries. Contact us to help you with any injuries, so that they don’t create even more problems. 
  • Warm up and cool down to reduce the risk of injury. This will also improve performance. 
  • Use the correct techniques when serving and stroking. Use your bodies full strength to hit the ball, using the arm only will cause injury. 


How Can I Help Myself?



Before you call a physiotherapist there are things you can do at home to ease the pain and swelling of your injury.


  • Take Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory medication (NSAID).
  • Elevate the area.
  • Rest.
  • Put an ice pack on the area.
  • Give the area a gentle massage
  • Try and gently stretch the joint.
  • Compress the area with a bandage.


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