Sheffield Spinal Disc Clinic

Our expert treatments are specialised to improve pain and get you moving freely again.

Physio Treatment for Disc Issues

We take it for granted that the body heals itself, yet if you are seeking help with spinal pain then there has been a breakdown in the body’s natural healing mechanisms. At Sheffield Physiotherapy we have invested in unique state of the art equipment that allows us to go beyond what can be achieved by hand alone. As a consequence, it is not uncommon for our patients to travel long distances to take advantage of our experience and facilities in the treatment of their spinal condition.

To help you find the most relevant information for you we have divided the information into two broad categories:

Recent Onset of Spinal Pain

People who have suffered a recent episode of pain and are seeking a remedy to take them back to a previously pain free state.

Ongoing Spinal Pain

People who have been suffering with ongoing spinal pain for months and possibly years without finding a successful solution.

Spinal Disc Treatment

Theraflex (bionic mobilisation)

Theraflex treatment is a form of bionic mobilisation for the spine. It gives the physiotherapist the ability to progressively restore movement of the spine wherever it has become restricted, relaxing tight muscles and helping to relieve trapped nerves.

IDD Therapy (spinal decompression)

IDD Therapy is the number one non-invasive spinal disc treatment, for people suffering with back or neck pain which has proved challenging to improve with standard physiotherapy, osteopathy or chiropractic treatment.


CS1 Shockwave is a cell level treatment that promotes healing and reduces pain. The treatment involves directing intense pressure pulses into the body at the site of the pain and injury. It is ideal for treating challenging tendon and ligament injuries, as well as long-standing spinal pain.