MRI Referral and Review

We can refer you to the 1.5T MRI (magnetic resonance imagery) service at the Sheffield Institute of Sport.

What is MRI Referral and Review?

We can refer to a Sheffield Based 1.5T MRI (magnetic resonance imagery) at the Sheffield Institute of Sport. The cost of the MRI for a single area is £330 which you pay directly to the EIS. If you self-refer for an MRI EIS will charge you the same fee as our referral costs without offering a review of the MRI report and images. 

Once you receive your images and the accompanying report, a physiotherapist will go through the images with you, showing you on the screen the significant pathology identified in the report.

Why choose MRI Referral and Review?

Going through an MRI report and carefully explaining each part is something that busy doctors and consultants often don’t have time to do. A physiotherapist is often the very best person to do this as they can take the time to make sure everything is understood and what it means in terms of the treatment you need to make a good recovery.

MRI Referral and review is often beneficial for:

Neck & Back Problems


Radiating Arm Pain

Trapped Nerves

Disc Problems


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