Stiff Neck Treatment in Sheffield

Man holding his painful neckIf you try to move your neck and feel pain, then you are just one of thousands of people in the UK suffering from a stiff neck. Hopefully you will only suffer for a few days if you have this problem as it normally rights its self in a few days (so make sure you limit your activities and keep your neck warm). However, if the pain persistents it is best to contact a professional physiotherapy clinic, in order to establish the cause of the problem and start the appropriate treatment.

Physiotherapy treatment can relieve neck stiffness and ease any pain that it is associated with. Some people suffer with ongoing symptoms and after a period of time the pain and stiffness in the neck can really affect someone’s life. Our experience means we can diagnose and treat the causes of a stiff neck, helping restore pain free movement and improve posture.

Neck stiffness can be caused by a number of things such as; an unnatural position while your’re sleeping, stress from work or physical injury. Sometimes something as simple as exposure to a cold draft on the neck can cause stiffness and cause a more latent neck problem to be aggravated.

Home remedies for a stiff neck include: rest, making sure your pillow is not too high, massage, pain killers and exercise. We can offer effective treatment and advice to help you deal with neck pain and stiffness so, simply call: 0114 268 6677 to book an appointment to see a physiotherapist.

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Lewis Payne

Lewis graduated from The University of Nottingham in 2013 with a First Class Honours in Physiotherapy, worked as Sheffield F.C.’s first team Physiotherapist, and now runs a leading-edge private clinic in Sheffield. With over ten years of experience, he specialises in manual therapy, advanced technological treatments, and exercise-based approaches, focusing on spinal and joint conditions, sports injuries, and specifically complex spinal issues like disc pathology and scoliosis. Lewis leads in IDD Therapy, performing over 6000 treatments, offers MRI referrals and reviews, and employs a holistic treatment philosophy viewing the body as a Tensegrity structure. He excels in postural analysis, soft tissue release techniques, and prescribes biomechanical corrective exercises to enhance natural movement.