Sports Injury Clinic Sheffield

If you have ever suffered with a sports injury of some sort, including common strains and pulls right through to more serious problems, then Sheffield Physiotherapy can help. As a fully qualified sports physio clinic in Sheffield, we are qualified to deal with the majority of sports injuries which involve muscles and joints.

Many people enjoy sports on a regular basis, especially in Sheffield where we boast some of the leading sporting facilities in the country. Enduring the pain and also the inconvenience of a sports injury is both frustrating and intrusive to your life, both on personal and fitness levels.

Early diagnosis of niggling problems can be the best prevention of many common sports injuries, including soreness and strains which can later become bigger and more serious injuries. We have helped many people from South Yorkshire and Derbyshire to recover from and live free from sports related injuries.

To book a consultation contact us today to speak to a physiotherapist at our sports physio clinic on Ecclesall Road in Sheffield.

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The Author

Lewis Payne

Lewis graduated from The University of Nottingham in 2013 with a First Class Honours in Physiotherapy, worked as Sheffield F.C.’s first team Physiotherapist, and now runs a leading-edge private clinic in Sheffield. With over ten years of experience, he specialises in manual therapy, advanced technological treatments, and exercise-based approaches, focusing on spinal and joint conditions, sports injuries, and specifically complex spinal issues like disc pathology and scoliosis. Lewis leads in IDD Therapy, performing over 6000 treatments, offers MRI referrals and reviews, and employs a holistic treatment philosophy viewing the body as a Tensegrity structure. He excels in postural analysis, soft tissue release techniques, and prescribes biomechanical corrective exercises to enhance natural movement.