IDD-Therapy Testimonials

“My back pain problems began in 2008. At the time I was referred for physiotherapy by my GP. I was given exercises but they didn’t help much; I still had severe shooting pains in my leg (a symptom of degenerative disc disease). In April this year, I felt worse than ever; I was in such a bad way that my wife had to help me up the stairs. My sciatica was so intense, I really didn’t think it would ever go but (after a course of IDD) I feel like a different person now: I can walk properly and the pain has disappeared.” Mr R.
“Having been told that I needed surgery, after only a few days’ (IDD) treatment, I had my first pain free days in over three years. Previously, I had to take painkillers on a daily basis; now I no longer need to.” Mr C.
“Six months ago I had an MRI scan which highlighted a prolapsed disc in my back. Prior to this I was experiencing a shooting pain up my leg; walking, standing or sitting were all very difficult. I’ve always been a keen sportsman but during this time I couldn’t sustain any training due to the pain in my right side and my lack of mobility. My posture wasn’t right and occasionally it left me completely unable to move.

My MRI scan was reviewed and we discussed starting a programme of IDD Therapy. I started having sessions three or four times a week. My pain didn’t disappear straight away but it gradually improved; I also noticed the tension in my back easing after every session. At the end of my sessions, I saw a massive difference.

I slowly began to build up my exercise programme again, which was very important, specifically for keeping my mobility. I now cycle and instead of weights to keep my strength up I’ve started climbing. Best of all, I’m back playing golf and continue to compete within my mixed martial arts.” Mr K.
“Having suffered from intense lower back pain for a considerable time, I decided to try IDD Therapy treatment. I now walk upright and my sleeping pattern which had been so bad through pain, is now back to normal.” Mrs P. Herefordshire ________________________________________________________________________________
“When I came to Back Into Shape last year I was in a terrible state: virtually every time I moved I got shooting pains in my legs. I love playing football and going to the gym but I just couldn’t do any sports – even swimming – without this severe pain.

I’d tried lots of different treatments including spinal injections but nothing seemed to touch the pain. Finally, I was told that surgery was my only hope.”

“I no longer suffer with my original sciatic symptoms and I was pain free just after half way through my (IDD) treatment programme. I’m swimming and going to the gym again.” Dan K, North London
“Following several fruitless visits to my GP, I made an appointment through a recommendation by a friend. I was suffering terrible headaches, back and neck pain and numbness on my right side. All my treatment was fully explained and I decided to embark on the first of two separate courses of IDD Therapy.
This combined with the odd sports massage and manipulation here and there soon had me on the road to recovery. Without any doubt, had I not had treatment, I’d still be in the misery of my mystery condition..!” Jennifer K, Scotland
“After suffering for months with extreme pain, along with pins and needles due to a trapped nerve, a friend suggested a course of IDD Therapy.
This is a most relaxing treatment and I began to feel the benefits after the first couple of sessions. I completed a course of 10 sessions and am now totally pain-free.” Sheila F, Seamill
“I have suffered with low back pain and sciatica on and off for a long time and had surgery a few years ago for a prolapsed disc. Unfortunately the symptoms came back and I have been in pain and unable to live a full life since last summer.

When I heard about IDD Therapy, I jumped at the chance and got relief in the first week of treatment. I have been able to travel abroad on business (when previously I thought I would have to cancel my trip).

I have followed the treatment plan and am now pain-free and able to lead a proper family life, including DIY and a full career in business.” John D, Herefordshire ________________________________________________________________________________
“I have had lower back problems for a number of years despite regular treatments and I have what is medically referred to as a “dodgy back”. IDD was recommended to me and I tried the IDD machine for 10 sessions. After the first four sessions I felt that there was no improvement and felt the treatment was not for me. After six sessions, however, I started to notice an improvement. I was becoming more flexible and after ten sessions I was waking up in the morning pain-free.

I can now go cycling, hill walking and take part in other activities without worrying about my back. My job can also be quite physical at times putting extra pressure on my back, but since my first session in January I have had no back problems at all.

Based on the vast improvement I have felt in my lower back and the increase in my general activity, I would highly recommend this treatment.” John S, Balloch.
“I have been troubled with an extremely painful back and leg for over a year. I had received several months’ physiotherapy but nothing helped. By the time I arrived at clinic I was in a tearful sorry state, unable to sit, sleep or work. After a consultation  IDD Therapy was suggested and explained how I might benefit from it. Although I had never heard of IDD, I decided to give it a try.
The difference it has made is tremendous. After only three sessions I had my first full nights’ sleep in months. The treatment itself is quite comfortable and surprisingly soothing. I am now at the end of my sessions and have already resumed work.”Delia H, Scotland
“I am very happy with the IDD Therapy, it has worked where all other treatments have failed and I no longer need to have surgery.” June H, Sussex