A cell level treatment that promotes healing and reduces pain.

What is Shockwave Treatment?

CS1 is a cell level treatment that promotes healing and reduces pain. The treatment involves directing intense pressure pulses into the body at the site of the pain and injury.

There is often a reduction in pain immediately following the treatment and this is generally accompanied by an easing of stiff joints and a relaxation of tight muscles.

Typically, 3 treatment sessions are required to notice a significant improvement even in chronic, challenging and longstanding spine, joint or sports injuries.

Why Choose CS1 Treatment?

CS1 is used as part of our Disc Pain Pathway. CS1 is exclusively available in South Yorkshire at Sheffield Physiotherapy.

CS1-Shockwave is often used to treat:

Chronic Pain

Pain with depression


Sports Injuries


Tennis Elbow

Ligament Injuries

Challenging Conditions which have failed to improve with other treatments

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