Hip Pain / Arthritis

Painful Hip JointWhat is it?
Hip Pain/Arthritis involves any pain in or around the hip.
Common Cause:
Arthritic changes can take place over the ball & socket joint of the hip, involving a wear and tear of the cartilage.
Common Symptoms:
Pain and loss of movement of the hip.
How can Physiotherapy help?
As a joint moves nutrients are delivered to the joint by the surrounding fluid, by improving a hip joints mobility we can encourage this process and also reduce muscle spasm and pain. The aim is to slow down the wear and tear process by improving mobility and strength throughout the lower limb and lumber spine. Your physiotherapist can also educate you on home exercises to help.
What to expect during treatment?
A range of exercises to keep the joint moving, strengthening of the muscles around the joint and possible use of acupuncture for pain relief.

What can you do to help yourself?
Regular pain medication can help you maintain active by suppressing the pain. Adequate rest is also essential after periods of exercise.

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The Author

Lewis Payne

Lewis graduated from The University of Nottingham in 2013 with a First Class Honours in Physiotherapy, worked as Sheffield F.C.’s first team Physiotherapist, and now runs a leading-edge private clinic in Sheffield. With over ten years of experience, he specialises in manual therapy, advanced technological treatments, and exercise-based approaches, focusing on spinal and joint conditions, sports injuries, and specifically complex spinal issues like disc pathology and scoliosis. Lewis leads in IDD Therapy, performing over 6000 treatments, offers MRI referrals and reviews, and employs a holistic treatment philosophy viewing the body as a Tensegrity structure. He excels in postural analysis, soft tissue release techniques, and prescribes biomechanical corrective exercises to enhance natural movement.